Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A blog is born......

Ho Chi Minh City, November 29, 2005 10:30pm

It's about time I start my Blog.
I'm not sure how this stuff works but I'll definitely give it a try.
Funny enough, I start while travelling, currently in Vietnam for looking up at a chocolate factory I built up here a few years ago.

OK, I hope this Blog will be about Political Sciences and International Relation, about music and about as many different places in the world as possible..
Loads of stuff to discuss about, we will come there.

For now, I whish to congratulate another Blog that inspired me.
Yes, there is a genocide going on there in Darfour and NO, nobody cares.......

I have tried on several internet site (including the very good one of the french daily "Le Monde" where I act under the nickname Grichka10 arguing against people who deny that the Arménian genocide ever took place and trying to wake up other people who are so concerned by the rights of terrorist blowing up everything in irak but dont give a damn about hundreds of thousands of poor people currently under a genocide process in Sudan.
Double standart that is called.......
Can you believe the unbelievable? Neither do I.


  1. Grichka, félicitations de la part de Gricha......

  2. le premier commentaire vient de ton papa (je suppose...) ; le second vient de ta plus vieille amie: ce blog, c'est bien, je le mets dans mes favoris. Je ne manquerai pas d'y faire les commentaires qui s'imposent. Comme cette pensée du jour: "toujours faire attention quand le facteur apporte des lettres importantes"